Singapore Homeschooling Association.

The Singapore Homeschooling Association (HA) is an official non-profit association which can:

  • Allow parents to customise their child's curriculum, with many useful links to recommended curriculum websites and a special and HA-exclusive curriculum package to educate and enrich your child in all ways possible
  • Provide unique, readily-available educational resources
  • Recommend credible teachers, that have already passed the HA's strict criterior, to tutor your children according to their needs, pace of learning and family income to allow everyone to find a tutor that suits their child perfectly
  • Allow your child to interact with people both from and outside of their social circle in the Interest Groups listed on our website that we have specially chosen to ensure that every activity is suitable for every child living in any area
  • Allows homeschooling parents to gain exclusive rights to loaning of facilities such as Science Laboratories, Stadiums, School Halls, Studios etc. in the course of your child's homeschool curriculum
  • Allow homeschooling parents to interact more often and form a more stable community to provide support for each other emotionally with the events organised by the HA, learning journeys for the family and many more!
  • Allow parents to share learning experiences with each other to educate other parents who are new or unfamiliar to homeschooling their children, at a comfortable cost for people of all income levels.

In order to enjoy these benefits, you have to be a member of the HA. What are you waiting for? Register to be a member now!